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Business Coaching With Kelly Roach For Market Readiness

Kelly Roach CHIEF Magazine business coach

One of the most prominent challenges entrepreneurs face is getting a product or service in front of the right people. Many entrepreneurs dream of financial independence and the ability to set their schedules, but that is always post-market adoption. How can business coaches help?

Creating Marketing Strategies  

So you’ve got a “big idea” that’s groundbreaking and that everyone will want, you just need to build it, right? Wrong. Many entrepreneurs have the “if we build it, they will come” mentality, which often leads them to wasted efforts and burnout.

Traditional marketing strategies will ensure viability for years to come. Many business coaches have established programs to help scale companies from scratch and take a struggling business owner to a strategic CEO. One of the most prevalent coaches is Kelly Roach, who has reported a 1,943% growth since 2020. 

The Benefits of Business Coaches

If you’re skeptical that a business coach or consultant is worth the investment, here’s a summary of benefits: 

  • Gain an outside perspective of your company from experts who can easily identify challenges
  • Prioritize profit-product work
  • Get access to proven methodologies and strategies 

Part-Time Coaching Vs. Full-Time Coaching

Thinking of hiring a business coach part-time? Consider the differences between a part-time approach to coaching versus opting for an intensive, accountability-driven program.

It comes down to one question: how serious is this project for you? Are you looking at leaving your full-time employer for it, or is it just an idea that you don’t care whether it grows? If the latter, then part-time coaching will suffice, and you can change the level of engagement based on your shift in priorities. But if you want this project to be your primary source of income, a full-time business coach may be worth it.

Kelly Roach has developed high-level programs that have been proven to yield results, but her requirements for clients are also high. You will learn about marketing, sales, recruiting, team building, PR, and developing a scalable, high-ticket offering from her team. 

“During my first few months in The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program, I have already tripled my sales. I am even on track now to double my sales this month compared to last month. This time last year, I made goals that I did not think I would achieve, and now I am making big leaps in my niche area. I have gone from not sure if my business would last to finally feeling like it is possible to conquer my goals!” – Deirdre Eberhart, LCSW

 Concluding Thoughts

If you feel stuck or stagnant in your growth, consider Kelly Roach and The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program. Graduates from her entrepreneurship program have expressed leaving with the knowledge to help implement hyper-growth strategies and create strategies and a scalable sales strategy.

Business owners who understand their target audiences will be better suited to scale than those who try to sell their product or service to everyone without any direction. A business coach like Kelly Roach can be a valuable partner in developing an offering and message that reaches them. 

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